I NEVER set out to be a writer. Some writers that I have spoken with have known from a very early age that that was to be their goal. Yet when the idea was first proposed to me to write a book I was anything but enthusiastic. My reluctance came out of a fear that I simply would not be ‘good enough’ and as a child I had found reading tricky. But something magical happened as I sat down to write. I suddenly knew the shape that the book was to take its format, chapters, everything. Could I explain it?

Not really, except to say I was grateful. So now several books later I think it would be fair to say that I am hooked on the power of the written word.

At the heart of my books, and the inspiration behind them, are the many children that I have been lucky enough to have worked with during my teaching career. To see and share the world through a child’s eyes as they explore, engage and create is indeed a privilege. I love children’s totally fearless approach to the act of creating and making their mark. Children are fascinated by what it means to be an artist and exploring creativity. This is what I have tried to capture in my art books to impart my knowledge and love of art history and to ignite a child’s imagination with the art projects.

I still get excited at the thought that just one of my books can reach a wider audience of children than I could ever hope to teach in a life time of teaching and that thought gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

So thank you to all the children who have enjoyed my books and not forgetting their parents who have supported them.