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It’s child’s play!

With his colourful paintings of fantastical building it’s not hard to see why the paintings of Austrian born New Zealand artist & architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser are instantly appealing to children. Indeed when ever I have explored his work with my young students they are drawn to the shapes, patterns, colours of his work and are… Continue reading It’s child’s play!

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‘Can Graphic Design save your life’

This is the provocative title of The Welcome Collection’s new exhibition which examines the role that graphic art plays in Health care messages from around the world. The exhibition contains over 200 objects with a lot of thought and care given to lay out and lighting. The exhibits are zoned into different areas from anti… Continue reading ‘Can Graphic Design save your life’

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Can you hear the colour?

It has always fascinated me how in the period of the late 19th century to the early 20th century that artists were exploring the link between art and music. It began with the artist Whistler giving his paintings musical titles. Symphony in white No: 2 Gradually colour and all references to the figurative were reduced… Continue reading Can you hear the colour?

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It’s all in the mind!

I know from my own art practise and in particular my recent sculpture course I attended how much the mind plays in convincing oneself that you are capable of the challenge set. I can liken it to going through a dark tunnel and finally you emerge into the light. ┬áTo instil confidence and a self… Continue reading It’s all in the mind!