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What’s it’s worth?

The price of anything is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for it be it a can of beans or in this case a Leonardo da Vinci  painting Salvator Mundi which was recently sold for the jaw dropping sum of $400 million or £301 million. There has been a lot of speculation that… Continue reading What’s it’s worth?

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It’s all in the mind!

I know from my own art practise and in particular my recent sculpture course I attended how much the mind plays in convincing oneself that you are capable of the challenge set. I can liken it to going through a dark tunnel and finally you emerge into the light.  To instil confidence and a self… Continue reading It’s all in the mind!

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You would be better off drawing with your eyes closed

The tittle refers to a challenge that I set for children as a way for them to relax and remove any feelings of fear they may have when embarking on a new art project. This challenge works for children and adults alike. This challenge is part of a larger project which I will post about… Continue reading You would be better off drawing with your eyes closed

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If you are sitting comfortably then I’ll begin….

Every piece should of art should tell a story, how you create that narrative is as much part of the piece of art as the finished piece. For the final piece of ‘my’ course Painting into sculpture, we were asked to study and take our inspiration from the artist Paula Rego. As well as her… Continue reading If you are sitting comfortably then I’ll begin….

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Space the final frontier

  In the current retrospective at Tate Modern of the painter-sculptor  Alberto Giacometti it is space that is the overarching  theme that drives and shapes the development of his work. Space is at once his muse and nemesis.(This was from a man who was a known acrophobic.)  We learn from the excellent video that he… Continue reading Space the final frontier

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Happy Mothering Sunday

Tomorrow our thoughts turn to mothers everywhere and so I thought I would share with you a recent work that my Year 4 students have just completed as part of a theme based on how Spring is portrayed and celebrated around the world. Their challenge was to draw and colour a container of daffodils. We… Continue reading Happy Mothering Sunday

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Top tip for getting into the zone

We all have our favourite ways for getting into the ‘zone’ that place that allows us to just totally focus on our creative work to exclusion of all else. I find the most successful ways are ones where you can trick the brain before all those negative inner voices start. I have done this very… Continue reading Top tip for getting into the zone