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Matisse: endless inspiration

I am currently working with my reception class and Year 5 on Matisse inspired art projects. That is the beauty of Matisse the longevity of his artistic output encompassed so many different styles that you will find inspiration whatever your age. I would like to share the project which I am currently doing with my… Continue reading Matisse: endless inspiration

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These boots are made for walking!

My Year 6 class were starting a project on Still-life. I rejected the conventional fruit subject as costly and not environmentally friendly and then I remembered Van Gogh’s painting of his boots, a subject which he returned to on several occasions. What could be more personal than a pair of well worn boots. I am… Continue reading These boots are made for walking!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As we are approaching the third week of advent I thought I would share with you my various classes Christmas cards designs. We work with a card company who turn their designs into shop style cards which the parents have a chance to order. Starting with the youngest. The lower school had a set design… Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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The future of art is looking bright

Sweaty shoes Rachel Hodgson, the drawing year 2017-18 oil pastel on paper I recently went to Christie’s to see the royal drawing school’s postgraduate exhibition The drawing year 2017-18 There was every conceivable style and type of media used with vibrant colours and monochromes and I was taken on a journey of different moods and… Continue reading The future of art is looking bright