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Turner -the final years

Possibly the best phrase to describe Turner’s late paintings would be ‘dissolve like mist’. But this mistiness was partly to do with his developing cataracts and a tremor which is most likely to have been the onset of Parkinson’s. Whilst this physical conditions need to be understood when studying Turner’s late works they do not… Continue reading Turner -the final years

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Fabulous Fruits!

My reception classes have been exploring collage in all its variants and varieties and this particular project using mixed media of tissue, pastel and paint has been particularly successful. The scrunching of the tissue, and the application of pastel and paint all help develop young children’s fine motor skills. In addition the project helps them… Continue reading Fabulous Fruits!

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Let it snow!

Seasons Greetings! Here are some of my favourite snow scenes. Hunters in the snow by Bruegel the elder 1563 Surely this painting is in everyone’s favourite snow paintings. The composition is flawless, we are there with the hunters surveying the wintry scene below. The ice-tone cool colours giving the feeling of relentless cold.The bending bodies… Continue reading Let it snow!