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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As we are approaching the third week of advent I thought I would share with you my various classes Christmas cards designs. We work with a card company who turn their designs into shop style cards which the parents have a chance to order. Starting with the youngest. The lower school had a set design… Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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The future of art is looking bright

Sweaty shoes Rachel Hodgson, the drawing year 2017-18 oil pastel on paper I recently went to Christie’s to see the royal drawing school’s postgraduate exhibition The drawing year 2017-18 There was every conceivable style and type of media used with vibrant colours and monochromes and I was taken on a journey of different moods and… Continue reading The future of art is looking bright

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Never underestimate a woman!

Rachel Ruysch flowers in a glass vaseĀ  with a tulip 1716 Rachel Ruysch the Dutch seventeenth century flower painter was certainly a woman not to be underestimated as I discovered in the National Gallery’s recent sketch tour. No struggling lowly artist was she. Receiving commissions from Princes and nobility throughout Europe. Towards the end of… Continue reading Never underestimate a woman!

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Turner -the final years

Possibly the best phrase to describe Turner’s late paintings would be ‘dissolve like mist’. But this mistiness was partly to do with his developing cataracts and a tremor which is most likely to have been the onset of Parkinson’s. Whilst this physical conditions need to be understood when studying Turner’s late works they do not… Continue reading Turner -the final years