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Matisse: endless inspiration


I am currently working with my reception class and Year 5 on Matisse inspired art projects. That is the beauty of Matisse the longevity of his artistic output encompassed so many different styles that you will find inspiration whatever your age.

I would like to share the project which I am currently doing with my reception class.


  1. Start with a A4 piece of paper
  2. I let each child chose three coloured squares ( I had six choices)
  3. Glue down in any sequence.
  4. Frame with black strips and make squares
  5. Cut out random shapes in a contrasting colour. I let the children place wherever they wished.
  6. This took us two lessons to complete.

For this next piece the process has been reversed and we saved the negative cutouts from the first piece. I called it my colour lucky dip and the children had great fun closing their eyes to choose their colours.


The children still have to add their frames for this piece. When we had a few moments at the end of the lesson we put all the pieces together to create a giant ‘Matisse’ which the children enjoyed enormously



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