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Nocturnal Interiors

edward hopper nighthawks 1942 Edward Hopper Nighthawks

Nocturnal interiors is the tittle of a new course I have just started with the Royal drawing school. Each week we go to a different location from a bowling alley to a concert hall to capture the sights and sounds of that interior or in some cases a little bit of exterior too. I have to say that I am a complete sucker for a bit of moonlight and mood lighting and judging by the number of paintings in this genre I am not alone.

So here are just a few of my favourite nocturnal scenes and with apologies to the featured artists with one of my own too.


Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

Not strictly an interior but surely up there in everyone’s top ten.

ixpshot 083

Henry Fuseli The Nightmare 1781

The embodiment of Gothic fantasy.


The kind of cafe you wish was your local: Van Gogh’s Terrace of a cafe at night


Wright of Derby: Experiment with an air pump.

Everything you want from an nocturnal painting, drama, intrigue and of course moonlight!


One of my own: View of the river from the back of King’s Place concert hall



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