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What’s in a name?


The way a London museum or gallery chooses to advertise itself tells you a lot about how it wishes to portray itself and the kind of audience it is trying to appeal to. Over the years that has changed but here are just a few examples. Everything is carefully considered from the chosen images to the typeface used.

Above all things British for the British Museum with the world’s best known artist.


Possibly the best known rooms of the British Museum and guaranteed to bring in the crowds.


Full on advertising from Tate modern and note the importance of the graphics.


More of the same with equal prominence given to the graphics

david bowie

Everyone now knows the graphics used for the V & A combined in the last few years the use of film to reach a wider audience.


The museum of London focuses on the historical diversity of London.


The National Gallery goes for a more traditional image with an ironic strap line.


A campaign used by the National Gallery a few years ago to let their pictures do the talking.

Whatever the museum or gallery they are all aware of the importance of how they promote themselves and I would say the link between all of them is the use of ‘superstar’ artists names in promoting blockbuster exhibitions. You only had to be had the V & A in the closing weeks of the Frieda Kahlo exhibition to see the frenzy of activity at the members desk where I was reliably informed that people became members purely to be able to get into the exhibition.


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