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Fabulous Fruits!

My reception classes have been exploring collage in all its variants and varieties and this particular project using mixed media of tissue, pastel and paint has been particularly successful. The scrunching of the tissue, and the application of pastel and paint all help develop young children’s fine motor skills. In addition the project helps them to develop an early understanding of composition.

You will need

  • A sheet of A4 cartridge paper
  • Tissue paper in colours to match your fruit choices
  • glue stick
  • black felt pen
  • blue poster paint
  • green pastel
  • brown pastel
  • a paint brush
  • a cotton bud
  • a pencil
  1. Sketch out a basket of fruit (to be done by the adult)
  2. Starting with one fruit,your child or children should tear the tissue into small piece & scrunch into small balls. Apply glue to a section of drawn fruit and press down the tissue balls. When one fruit is completed go onto the next until all the fruits are covered in this way.
  3. 20180208_100436
  4. With the brown pastel laying flat on its side apply around the bowl in sweeping strokes away from the body until the bottom half of the picture is filled. This represents the table top. With the green pastel apply in the top half of the picture to make green stripes in the back ground.
  5. 20180208_100452
  6. Finally using a thick application of paint the fruit basket using the blue poster paint. Whilst the paint is still wet take your cotton bud and apply in diagonal strokes in both directions. This effect imitates  the straw of the basket.
  7. 20180208_100622
  8. Use the black felt pen to make markings or stokes for the fruit.

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