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All hail the design of the tube


Before the advent of the tube I don’t think anyone could have predicted just what a wonderful source of design inspiration it would become. Starting with the tube map designed by Harry Beck in 1931. I think this design must surely rank as one of the best designs of the 20th century. It gives all the information required in the simplest of formats with a colour coding for the lines on a vertical, horizontal and diagonal axsis. The design has become part of the London DNA and every Londoner can tell you which colour represents which tube line.

Here are some other versions I have found.


By Mark Noad

And one for Christmas


What was it about those inter-war years that produced such a flourish of domestic design including the emergence of many women designers and artists. Could this be put down to war throwing the status quo into disarray.

Then there were the underground posters of the period.


Somehow are present day posters just don’t seem to match up.

I even love the design of the seat covers.


I am so glad it’s not plastic seating because anything that brightens my commute certainly gets my vote.



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