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You would be better off drawing with your eyes closed

The tittle refers to a challenge that I set for children as a way for them to relax and remove any feelings of fear they may have when embarking on a new art project. This challenge works for children and adults alike. This challenge is part of a larger project which I will post about later. After they have been introduced to the painting & the artist in this case Matisse’s painting Goldfish I then show them a line drawing of this painting.


I then ask my students if they up for a challenge which will take no more than two minutes, generally they all respond positively. I then ask them to study for carefully the line drawing noting all the shapes and positioning of the objects. I give then about two minutes study time & then ask them to turn over the sheet and draw everything they can remember. I allow them about two minutes for the challenge. I find that this warm up activity just puts them in the right frame of mind for the rest of the lesson. There are variations on this warm up where I have made a simple arrangement of three pieces of fruit & asked students to close their eyes. You can also challenge yourself not to look down at the paper but only at the objects themselves. Which ever one you choose they are a great way to get you into the zone. This warm–up also demonstrates to students the role memory and the senses play in drawing.


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