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How to create a Giacometti inspired sculpture

As part of my current course called’ Painting into sculpture’with The Royal drawing school at their west London studio our marvellous tutor Marcus asked ask to create a Giacometti inspired portrait head. He showed us an excellent technique and method that I would like to share with you. First he took profile photos of our… Continue reading How to create a Giacometti inspired sculpture

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Straight to the point!

I can think of no better painting than Hobbema’s  the Avenue at Middelharnis  (1689 National Gallery London)  to start  unravelling the mysteries of the vanishing point.  The painting is conveniently marked out in a grid board of shapes.Sitting in front of the painting I started with the central triangle that runs through the middle to… Continue reading Straight to the point!

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Space the final frontier

  In the current retrospective at Tate Modern of the painter-sculptor  Alberto Giacometti it is space that is the overarching  theme that drives and shapes the development of his work. Space is at once his muse and nemesis.(This was from a man who was a known acrophobic.)  We learn from the excellent video that he… Continue reading Space the final frontier