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Superhero trainers: the final edit

A few weeks ago I set my Year 5 students a new assignment of firstly introducing them to observational drawing of their trainers and then turning their drawings into trainers for a superhero (any gender). They did well on their drawings but their imaginations really took hold when it came to creating some trainers for… Continue reading Superhero trainers: the final edit


The power of light

I am currently on a course run by The Royal drawing school entitled Painting into sculpture. The course looks at those artists who have worked both in paint and sculpture and how one has influenced the other.  Our wonderful tutor Marcus asked us to consider not shading or tonality but the use of light. We… Continue reading The power of light

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Seeing the world through an artist’s eyes

In my latest lessons with  Year 3 our theme is “How artists have shaped the way we view the world. I started by introducing  portraits of royalty including the Rainbow & Ditchley portraits of Elizabeth 1st.  The children were very engaged by these portraits and loved trying to decode them. For their drawing challenge they… Continue reading Seeing the world through an artist’s eyes