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The elements of drawing

Let’s start with line.

“Drawing is like taking a line for a walk.” Paul Klee

Most of us are familiar with this quote, easy to say a little harder to put into practise. Line is however the starting point. The artist Maggie Hambling always starts her day with a warm-up of a pencil drawing. This is how I will be starting with my Year 5s & 6s for their next topic of Still-life. A simple mark making activity to remind my students just how you can change the dynamic of a work just by altering the pressure of your pencil and the thickness of a line.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.41.09 PM

After this simple warm-up my students will be moving onto starting their Still-life drawing. My students will start by drawing their own shoes or trainers as a line drawing, moving onto adding tone and form. The final part of the challenge will be to design a pair of trainers or shoes for a super hero. I have started by adding my own pumps & line drawing. Over the weeks I will add my own students work. I am confident that they are going to enjoy this new challenge.

unnamed (1)



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