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Poetry in motion!

This has to be one of the most beautiful sculptures in the V & A museum. To be found in the sculpture court of the museum Crouching Youth is by Winifred Turner 1914. The graceful forms of the body are highly stylised and reflect Turner’s interest in ancient sculpture and dance. The flowing lines of… Continue reading Poetry in motion!

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It’s a mystery!

Everyone loves a good mystery and of all the paintings in the National Gallery this painting wins the prize as most mysterious. Acquiring the title of The Ambassadors and painted in 1533 by Hans Holbein the younger it is one of the most visited paintings in the collection. The portraits are of on the left… Continue reading It’s a mystery!

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The elements of drawing

Let’s start with line. “Drawing is like taking a line for a walk.” Paul Klee Most of us are familiar with this quote, easy to say a little harder to put into practise. Line is however the starting point. The artist Maggie Hambling always starts her day with a warm-up of a pencil drawing. This… Continue reading The elements of drawing

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Here be dragons!

This is Zurbaran’s depiction of St. Margaret of Antioch 1630-4 One has to look hard to discover the dragon in this painting. The dragon represents the devil who legend has it St. Margaret overcame. The focus is all on St. Margaret apart from the title of the painting one could be forgiven for not guessing… Continue reading Here be dragons!

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Perfectly posed and composed

Painting of the Month- Piero Della Fancesca’s ┬áThe Baptism of Christ 1415/20-92 Sometimes only be sketching from a painting can you truly appreciate the dynamic of the composition and this is certainly the case with the perfectly poised painting of Peiro della Francesca’s the Baptism of Christ. As I sat there sketching at the National… Continue reading Perfectly posed and composed