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Top tip for getting into the zone

We all have our favourite ways for getting into the ‘zone’ that place that allows us to just totally focus on our creative work to exclusion of all else.

I find the most successful ways are ones where you can trick the brain before all those negative inner voices start. I have done this very successfully with children on the subject of natural forms.


Each child is chooses a leaf. Using a fingertip ask them to ‘trace’ around the edges of their leave several times & ask them why they think you may be asking them to do that. The reason being that using their tactile sense they are gaining information about the shape & form of their leaf. Ask them to repeat the exercise but this time with their eyes closed. Upon opening their eyes ask them to pick up their pencil, close their eyes & draw the leaf in two minutes. Afterwards the children generally burst out laughing & it’s great for relieving any tensions. I then say to them “Well I proved to you not only that you can draw but that you can draw with your eyes closed so the next activity is going to be very easy as I am going to let you keep your eyes open.” They are so happy with this news that they are completely relaxed & in the zone as we go onto detailed sketches of leaves.



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