The face of the Medusa


All children I have worked with have been fascinated by the Medusa legend and of course this has been a very popular subject with artists. For those teachers covering the topic of myths and legends this is an area where art and history can be combined. When I show the children the various images of the Medusa I ask them to consider what the artist is wanting us to are feel about the character of the Medusa. It would also be handy to with your resources a set of small hand mirrors. I get the children to make the same face as the Medusa so that they able to see how the features alter in moments of terror. I have done this project from anywhere between Year 3 to Year 6, it’s just a case of adapting the media and level of expectation.



These are examples of Year 3 work and they had the opportunity to work in charcoal on white paper and chalk on black paper.




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