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Painting of the month

Van Gogh’s  ‘Fishing in the Spring’ the pont de Clichy oil on canvas 1887


There is nothing more beautiful than the Northern European spring and this painting reminds us of the freshness and the green intensity of colours after the grey of winter.

Painted alongside his fellow painters Paul Signac and Emile Bernard in the Paris in their regular trips to this Paris suburb of Asnieres Van Gogh captures the very essence of Spring. The composition is in fact very simple so much so that I am setting it as a challenge for my Year 4 students. Where this painting dazzles is in the loose brush strokes that capture the freshening breeze that ruffles the leaves and the water. The greens, golds and blue tones combine together to create a harmonious whole.

In my photos I have shown one version where I used water colour pencils and in the second I added my water pen to create a water colour.




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