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Things to consider

When looking at a painting we might consider composition, space, form but I also consider rhythm. Each painting has its own rhythm and energy, the way that the forms and shapes interact with each other creates this. No where is this more clearly demonstrated than in P. de Champaigne The Marriage of the Virgin 1602-1674 to be found at The Wallace Collection.


The figures flow and twist in one continuous ribbon of curves interlinked by the gestures of hands and repeated patterns of the figures. Even the robes and the vibrant hues  have a life and energy of their own. This is what I have tried to capture in my own sketches. Some of the sketches are repeated using two different methods, one a loser more circular style the other more traditional. In the final sketch I have added colour for the virgin and Joseph. It’s a wonderful painting to practise your figure drawing on so if you can get yourself down to The Wallace I would certainly recommend it.







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