Masculine or Feminine or both?

This is what I thought as I was sketching Botticelli’s Three Graces and comparing it with a sketch from one of Michelangelo’s figures from the Sistine chapel.It’s possibly like comparing apples and oranges, but let’s consider it in the context of masculine and feminine. It’s something that children often observe and comment on.

Let’s start with a feature that is very distinct in both artists and that is the drawing of hands.


Possibly the best known drawing of hands in the world and understanding of anatomy that is unparalled.


Impossibly long, graceful and elegant adding to the overall harmony of his composition.

Now let’s look at the drawings


Beyond the obvious of the musularity of his figures reflecting his skill as a sculptor for me Michelangelo’s over riding characteristic is the energy that he embues his work with, what ever the media he is working with. For Botticelli it is all about the beauty of the line to create a harmonious composition.


In the end both were a joy to sketch and to learn from.












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