Exhibition of the month

Georgina Houghton: Spirit Drawings

The-Eye-of-God-web-300x205The Courtauld gallery’s summer exhibition displays the work of a forgotten artist and spiritualist Georgina Houghton. (1814-1884) Called confusingly drawings as the first thing one notices about them is the intensity of  the water colour. In creating these mainly abstract works Houghton claimed in her role as a Medium  that she was guided by ‘spirits’. In the work ‘ The sheltering wing of the most high’ she claims that she was guided by the artist Sir Thomas Lawrence. (1769-1830)

For myself I prefer the earlier works very striking in their simplicity and luminosity of colour.

G H 1

With their spiritual aspect one could see Houghton’s work as a continuation of the work of William Blake. Whether or not you buy into the spiritual nature of the paintings they are well worth a viewing. Despite being a hundred and fifty years old they have a freshness and a vibrancy that will appeal to the 21st century ‘eye’.



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