Modern Art Adventures…start here


WE are told that there is a huge interest in modern art and certainly the numbers of people going to Tate modern and other contemporary galleries would testify to this. Yet if you asked any one of my young students what it takes to be a bona fide ‘artist’ they would reply to be able to draw ‘realistically’ or in three D. For them this is the bench mark of being a ‘true artist’. I remember well how a class of year 7 boys were finding the assignment I had set them very challenging. To help them I showed them some paintings of Jackson Pollock and Rothko. They were surprised to learn that this counted as art even though there was no discernible drawing and even more surprised to learn that if they wanted to purchase one of these paintings it would cost them more than any top footballer. When I work with my students I try to challenge their ideas on art giving them the opportunity to work with as many types of media as possible in a variety of forms. This is what I have tried to replicate in Modern art adventures. So that children see Modern art is as boundless as their imagination.



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