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Art in Action…the story so far

artinaction1PEOPLE are often surprised when I tell them that I have taught art history to children as young as five. Younger or older, my students have always had a fascination for what it means to ‘be an artist’.

“What paint pictures all day?” one of them asked me, “in essence yes” I replied.

One of the best parts of being an art teacher is taking a class to an art gallery. I love to watch their faces as they look up at the giant canvases absorbed in the scene before them. Or to see a group of five year olds happily sketching some of the world’s most famous paintings totally un-afraid. It was scenes such as these that gave me the idea for art in action. Yes, children have a natural curiosity to find out, to explore but at the same time they want to be ‘doing’ to test out their ideas. So for me ‘art in action’ brings together these two elements; an understanding of artists and art and a chance to be active and engage with their creativity.


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