3d Art Adventures..a special bond

3d art

WHEN I create a piece in 3D in contrast to 2D it’s a very different experience. That tactile touch gives a special bond with your material Under your hand that lump of clay takes on a form, contour and shape that seems almost like a magical transformation. Then in viewing a 3D piece when one takes a much more active engagement in comparison to a 2D piece. Walking around and viewing from all angles. Children have heightened senses and really respond to creating 3D forms. It can be quite challenging for them when experimenting with a new material but once they get the hang of it they become bolder with trying out new ideas. In 3D Art adventures I have chosen projects very different in style and form that offer a wide selection of media. My hope is that when using the book you will find a 3D form that you will really connect with.


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