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Let it snow!

Seasons Greetings! Here are some of my favourite snow scenes. Hunters in the snow by Bruegel the elder 1563 Surely this painting is in everyone’s favourite snow paintings. The composition is flawless, we are there with the hunters surveying the wintry scene below. The ice-tone cool colours giving the feeling of relentless cold.The bending bodies… Continue reading Let it snow!

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All hail the design of the tube

Before the advent of the tube I don’t think anyone could have predicted just what a wonderful source of design inspiration it would become. Starting with the tube map designed by Harry Beck in 1931. I think this design must surely rank as one of the best designs of the 20th century. It gives all… Continue reading All hail the design of the tube

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‘Vanitantum et omina vanitas’

‘Vanities of vanities, all is vanity’ Ecclesiastes 1: 2-3 This text was to form the foundation of a new genre of art known as vanitas still-life paintings with a moral context a reminder of humanity’s morality. This genre of painting reached its zenith in the baroque period particularly in the low countries with their strong… Continue reading ‘Vanitantum et omina vanitas’

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“A thrilling journey”

 That was how one national newspaper described The British Museum’s latest block buster exhibition Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia which runs until the 14th of January.  The exhibition has been given five stars by all the press and I would say richly deserved. The strap line of the exhibition runs “Prepare to meet the Scythians”… Continue reading “A thrilling journey”